Carmel Ridge Residential Estates

Carmel Ridge Residential Estates beckons the good life. 40 hectares of land will be transformed into a residential haven complete with amenities to assure a convenient and satisfied life. It explores the balance of the fast-paced suburban life with a nurturing family atmosphere.

Carmel Ridge will have 3 themed property clusters named Forrest Cove, Garden Springs and The Sanctuary.


House Specifications:

  • Wooden Main Door
  • Steel Casement Windows with Security Grillesand Smoked Glass Panels
  • Cement finished Flooring
  • Dutchboy Paint brand finished exterior andinterior walls
  • Glazed Top marble top with ABC grouting
  • With Kitchen Counter
  • Common T&B at Ground Floor with glazedMariwasa Tiles with ABC grouting
  • Roof Eaves made up of Ficemboard on metalceiling frame
  • Exposed underslab (smooth finished)


Nearest Establishment

Carmel Ridge gives residents a piece of Calamba’s vibrant location. The development is close to
landmarks such as Rose and Grace Restaurant, Waltermart Makiling and Waltermart Calamba. It is also
easily accessible via the South Luzon Expressway by taking the Calamba Exit, passing through Carmelray
Industrial Park II and the San Juan Bridge.


Total Land Area

Total Land Area: 40 hectares

Average Lot size: 120 sq. m.

Features & Amenities: 
  • Multi-purpose clubhouse
  • Covered basketball court
  • Swimming pool
  • Tennis court
  • Badminton court
  • Fully landscaped entrance gate with guardhouse
  • Mercury lamps along the roads
  • Complete water and electrical facilities
  • Concrete curbs, roads and gutters
  • Shaded trees along roads
  • Underground storm drainage system
  • Underground sewer line
Forest Cove
The Aviary
Garden Springs

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