La Huerta Farms and Residences

Be on the forefront of the green revolution through La Huerta, which offers a chance for you and your family to grow your own produce. Training and technical support to start up your own garden is available to all residents. So lie back and enjoy the greenery, as La Huerta is the perfect escape from the hustle of the city.


Four Garden Communities

  • EL SOL
    • "The Sun" inspires this cluster. The farm lots teem with plants and trees that have been carefully selected for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits, as well as for their aesthetic appeal. The main road is lined with Banaba trees, valued for their efficacy in helping to control diabetes; they also bloom beautifully and paint the landscape with pink to lavender hues. The other roads feature Lagundi trees, whose leaves are proven to cure cough, and several other plants that are considered anti-oxidants.
    • "The Moon" is mysterious and romantic, alive with aroma of coffee and cacao, of bignay and other fruit wines. These crops are grown year-round, with their round canopies a relaxing sight along the roads. Residents who want to grow and process their own wine or coffee can acquire he proper training and technology from La Huertas resident wine experts.
    • "The Sky" is unique in that it is home to the largest bird in the world, the ostrich, which feeds on vegetables and other edible plants. This cluster houses the ostrich farms as well as rows of organic vegetable and herb gardens, and pili nut farms. In this lush natural setting, aficionados of healthy diets can produce and whip up their culinary masterpieces right in their own gardens.
    • "The Rain" waters the palms and flowering plants in this cluster, which has preserved the site of a thriving plant nursery. Various ornamental palms such as Madagascar and Lastanilla blue and red palm, fan and Hawaiian, from seedlings to fully mature stages, surround the area and create a fresh, tropical ambience.
Features & Amenities: 
  • La Huerta Garden Management Classes
  • Horticulturists Consultants
  • Fully Landscaped Entrance Gate with Guardhouse
  • Wide Concrete Road Network
  • Paved Sidewalks with Concrete Curbs and Gutters
  • Underground Drainage System
  • Centralized Water System
  • Community Clubhouse with Training Center
  • Swimming Pool
  • Basketball Court

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