Buyer's Guide


General Requirements:

  • Buyer's Info Sheet (BIS)
  • Reservation Agreement (RA)
  • Computation Sheet with Miscellaneous Fee Computation
  • Reservation Fee (RF)

Additional Requirements:

Married to a Foreigner
  1. Notarized or consularized waiver of conjugal rights
  2. Photocopy of passport of foreigner
  3. Government ID of foreigner
  1. Birth Certificate (PSA)
  2. School ID and passport if applicable
  3. Affidavit of guardianship or court order
  4. Signed BIR Form 1904
Formerly Filipino Citizens
  1. Notarized Affidavit of Declaration of Citizenship
  2. Notarized Sworn Statement
Sole Proprietors
  1. DTI Registration
  2. (2) Government IDs of assigned representative
  1. SEC Registration
  2. Corporate Residence Certificate
  3. Notarized Article of Incorporation
  4. By Laws of Corporation
  5. Notarized Board Resolution
  6. (2) Government IDs of assigned representative


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